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  1. Smart Bombs can be used by pressing the B button. After being launched, the player can press B again to detonate it. If the vehicle's laser is charged and is locked on to a target, the player can press B to target the Smart Bomb directly at the opponent. In Star Fox Command, the player must use the Stylus on the touch screen to drop Smart Bombs.
  2. Smartbombs are point-blank area-of-effect weapons. When fired, they do damage to everything in a short distance (~10km) around the activating ship, friend or foe. They fill a very niche role within EVE, since they have very specific characteristics that limit their usefulness as a general weapon system.
  3. It was the first ever atomic bomb to be dropped on a human population. Little Boy is more like a code name for this project. It is also the second artificially made nuclear explosion in the history of mankind, the first being the trinity tests. More than , civilians were killed by the explosion of this bomb in a matter of a few seconds. 9.
  4. Smart Bombs was a Doctor Who Adventures comic story featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. It's not long after arriving on a sunny, flower-filled planet that the Tenth Doctor manages to fall down a deep hole. He is joined by Rose, who accepts a lift down from an Arcadian representative using his anti-gravity umbrella. The Doctor has met a group of almost child-like Smart Bombs (missiles.
  5. 1. Smart Bombs & Stupid People 2. Touch a Name on the Wall 3. Eagle 4. Daddy's Hands 5. Family of Woman and Man 6. Yellow Ribbon 7. Sing Peace 8. Connecticut Yankee 9. The Soldier Bears the Blame Pipeline If Chickens Had the Vote I wouldn't Lie to You As you may have determined by the titles to the songs, they have an anti-war bent.
  6. Smart Bomb offers players series of fast-paced, challenging 3D puzzles based on defusing sophisticated AI bombs. Gamers face a series of bomb modules split into tiers and each tier must be.
  7. Smart bomb, also called smart missile, type of precision-guided decerkaltmasmortbemejaffvanvicharlai.xyzinfo a regular bomb, a smart bomb falls to the target solely by the force of gravity, but its fins or wings have control surfaces that move in response to guidance commands, enabling adjustments to be made to the angle of the bomb’s descent or the direction of its decerkaltmasmortbemejaffvanvicharlai.xyzinfo bomb glides, rather than falls, to the target.
  8. The smart bomb is not always a bomb; for example, the superzapper in Tempest and the overdrive in Rez are effectively smart bombs. The visual and sound effects of a smart bomb are usually spectacular and the player stays invulnerable throughout the animation. Smart bombs were first featured in the arcade game Defender ().

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