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  1. While Jonah was inside the fish, he prayed to the LORD his God and said, “When I was in danger, I called to the LORD, and he answered me. I was about to die, so I .
  2. JON So they look up Jonah, and cast him forth into the sea: and the sea ceased from her raging. JON Then the men feared the LORD exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice unto the LORD, and made vows. JON Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights. ×.
  3. Jun 26, - Old Testament prophet & book of Jonah. See more ideas about Jonah and the whale, Bible crafts, Bible for kids pins.
  4. Jan 25,  · Read the Passage: Jonah 1 Authorship and Date – While the prophet Jonah, whose name means “dove,” is explicitly mentioned 18 times in the book that bears his name, the authorship of this book is technically anonymous. However, we can be sure that Jonah is both the principle character and the author of this book, for Jesus claimed it to be so (cf. Matt. –41; ).
  5. Jun 17,  · Jonah. A brush with death. And a wake up call. It’s what we see in the book of Jonah. TWICE. First, Jonah HIMSELF experienced it in Ch 2. In the middle of the sea. In a wild storm. Thrown overboard. Sinking like a stone. Gasping for breath. And his thoughts finally turn to .
  6. Jonah's Wail Composed By – Jones* B5 – Alix Combelle's Orchestra* Love Is Just Around The Corner: B6 – Alix Combelle's Orchestra* Whale's Blues Composed By – Combelle*, Jones* B7 – Alix Combelle's Orchestra* I May Be Wrong: /5(1).
  7. Jonah: Week 2 Discussion Questions 1. As the narrative continues, we find Jonah literally and figurately going further and further downward. Specifically, he moves from disobedience to indifference. At first he actively flees God. Now, when God shows up in judgment, he takes a nap. It gets so bad that the pagan.
  8. May 22,  · The Wake up Jonah event was set up to help pay for medical expenses and included a bake sale, T-shirts, bracelets and other items to be sold. .
  9. Jonah's Prayer. 1 Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from the belly of the fish, 2 saying, “I called out to the Lord, out of my distress,. and he answered me; out of the belly of Sheol I cried, and you heard my voice. 3 For you cast me into the deep,. into the heart of the seas.

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