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  1. What I love so much about Watershed is that it is Opeth's "cheap whore" album; just listen to the bad movie soundtrack dynamics at the start of "Heir Apparent", the over-the-top melodrama of "Burden", or the funk/fusion break during "The Lotus Eater". Rather than Martin Lopez's intelligent and restrained drumming, 'Axe' simply beats the shit.
  2. Jun 02,  · Opeth - Watershed () Album Photo by MMSA. Format: CD. 13 likes. 82 Opeth Album Photos.
  3. Sep 25,  · Band: Opeth Song: Heir Apparent Album: Watershed My favorite Opeth song from the Watershed record. Heavy, fast, brutal and totally badass.
  4. Sep 03,  · Opeth - Watershed () Album Photo by Mefisto. Format: CD. 14 likes. 82 Opeth Album Photos.
  5. Best Opeth album ever. It has some of their best ballads such as "Burden" (makes me cry every time I losten to it) with heart touching lyrics. Vote for this! Every second of it just blows your mind. Nothing will ever top Watershed. Coil is an ingenious little start to the whole thing, and when Heir Apparent kicks in, I nearly lose my mind.
  6. WATERSHED. TRACKLIST 1. Coil 2. Heir Apparent 3. The Lotus Eater 4. Burden 5. Porcelain Heart 6. Hessian Peel 7. Hex Omega Full Album Stream (Youtube) More about Watershed. BONUS TRACKS: Derelict herds Den ständiga resan Would? Bridge of sighs Recorded at Fascination street, Winter / Produced by Mikael Åkerfeldt Engineered by.
  7. Watershed is the ninth full-length studio album by the Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth. Released by Roadrunner Records, Watershed is the first studio album by Opeth to feature drummer Martin Axenrot and guitarist Fredrik Åkesson, who replaced longtime guitarist Peter Lindgren and drummer Martin Lopez/5().
  8. Rhythm and time signatures of the early verses have been fixed (but not on drums, keys). Missing acoustic measures have been added. Diminished lick in the solo has been improved. Tempo map has been adjusted to be closer to the tempo in the recording.

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